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US Short Duration Bond strategy

Key features

A portfolio of high-quality, highly liquid short-duration bonds and money market instruments   

Capital preservation and yield enhancement objectives

ESG integration

Investment philosophy 

Our investment philosophy rests on four key beliefs.

  • Capital preservation is best achieved through rigorous risk management
  • Income generation is enhanced by specialist allocations across multiple sectors and the ability to take off benchmark positions
  • Diversification is best ensured by combining multiple uncorrelated return streams
  • Specialisation and accountability allow for better results

Investment process

Our US Short Duration strategy follows a disciplined four-step process:

  • Establish objectives: determine appropriate strategy and risk tolerance for the portfolio
  • Define portfolio structure: combine top-down views with bottom-up ideas to decide risk and sector positioning
  • Portfolio construction: select issuers and optimal allocations
  • Risk control and review: discuss the market environment and consider the future progression of the opportunity set

Team and resources

BNP Paribas Asset Management has a long history of managing short duration solutions, having launched our first strategy in 1974. 

Our Short Duration team is based in New York and Paris. Ken O’Donnell, who has more than 21 years of industry experience, leads the team.

The team benefits from access to our global trading and risk management platform, Sustainability Centre, Quantitative Research Group, and Macro Research team.