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Sustainable finance: BNPP AM at the heart of the European debate


BNP Paribas Asset Management is proud to announce the appointment of Helena Vines Fiestas, Head of Sustainability Research at BNPP AM, as member of the Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finance of the European Commission.

The nomination of Helena Vines Fiestas, which was supported by the whole BNP Paribas Group, is a valuable acknowledgement of BNPP AM’s expertise in terms of sustainable investing and more globally its engagement in favour of responsible finance.

The members of this technical group represent a wide variety of financial and economic actors as well as non-governmental agencies and academics.

In determining the composition of the group, the Commission has considered the technical expertise of the candidates, the need for a balanced representation of relevant know-how from financial and real economic actors, geographical coverage and gender. The group will hold its first meeting in early July. Its mandate will run until 30 June 2019, with possible extension until the end of 2019.

The main tasks of the Group are to assist the Commission in the development of:

  • an EU taxonomy of environmentally sustainable economic activities
  • an EU Green Bond Standard
  • a category of “low carbon” indices for use by asset and portfolio managers as a benchmark for a low carbon investment strategy
  • metrics allowing improving disclosure on climate-related information.


Read the European Commission's Press Release


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