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4 April 2018
Multi-Asset Spotlight : A road map for navigating protectionism: the elevator and the staircase

29 March 2018
European Small Caps? Onward and Upward

26 March 2018
US Inflation Outlook: The Rising Tide

21 March 2018
Cities at risk of severe water shortages

28 February 2018
Five topics for Chairman Powell

19 February 2018
FX Outlook 2018: The Last Jedi

7 February 2018
Chronicle of a correction foretold

17 January 2018
The full version of BNP Paribas Asset Management’s 2018 Investment Outlook



24 July 2017
Which way for financial markets in the second half of 2017?



8 December 2016
UPDATE ECB – Slower but longer

27 October 2016
What’s really happening in emerging markets? – Catching the wave

7 October 2016
What the U.S. Elections Mean for Global Financial Markets

16 September 2016
EM equities outperformance: Sprint or marathon?

6 September 2016
Investment outlook for the rest of 2016

4 August 2016
Lifting fog on LatAm enhances carry appeal!

27 July 2016
BREXIT doesn’t mean an EM-EXIT!

20 July 2016
UK Real Estate, signs of impending doom or opportunity?

16 June 2016
China A-shares flash: MSCI, see you next year for sure

9 June 2016
The case for listed real estate in a multi-asset portfolio

4 May 2016
Will the monkey smile on EM in 2016?

13 April 2016

1st April 2016
RMB Bonds – 2016 Special Report: How to benefit from the opening of the 3rd bond market in the world



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