BNP Paribas Asset Management provides a complete range of investment expertise.

Developed Equities

With one of the widest offerings available in developed equities, we provide clients with a choice of solutions to suit their specific investment needs and objectives. Common across all our equity expertise is a culture of excellence, based on a strong client focus.

Developed Fixed Income

Our diverse range of fixed income strategies enables our clients to exploit all of the opportunities that the global bond markets offer.

Emerging Markets

With our network of integrated investment teams and joint-venture partners across the globe, we are one of the world’s leading Emerging Markets asset managers. Our footprint covers 16 emerging markets locations across Latin America, Emerging Europe and Asia Pacific regions.

Multi Asset Solutions

We provide a broad range of multi-asset products and solutions for institutional and retail investors ranging from balanced, income and flexible asset allocation funds to a sophisticated, all-encompassing fiduciary service.

Protected, indexed & model-driven management strategies

Our structured capabilities consist of three distinct areas of expertise: protected investment, indexed investment and model-driven management.

Alternative Investments

We cover the fields of hedge funds, private equity and incubation.

Sustainable Investments

We offer a broad range of SRI products to meet the needs of clients who are keen to combine return potential with making a positive impact on the environment and society.

Specialised Investments

BNP Paribas Asset Management has activities in the wealth management and collective employee saving plans and retirement investment areas.


We select managers and/or funds that can be blended to suit any investment objective and policy, thanks to our rigorous selection process covering most asset classes.

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